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About us

We are a brand which has been born into mother nature. It's time to create a new feeling.

Our journey began in 2018

The story of Arslanoracing begins with curiosity. Our team is constantly striving to develop the highest quality products ,with game-changing technologies, at a pleasure that lets everyone enjoy racing as much as we do.

Designed for Motorsport

As lovers of Motorsport, we design products with soul, and we do not stick to traditional materials and design ideas. Everyone likes to find their own inspiration in nature. We like to have lunch together, discuss and share, which makes it easier to come up with brilliant ideas.

We’re just getting started

Aside from bringing you products that perform, customer service is at the top of our priority list. If you are ever unhappy with any part of your experience, or if you’re stoked with something we’ve done, please let us know so we can either make it right or thank you for being a part of our Arslanoracing fam.

Haven't actually used them yet for my application but they are well made, have smooth interiors, and the ID seems to be consistent thru the bend. I'm using these for low pressure connections in a fish pond filtration systems. The 2.36 ID fits 2" PVC OD perfectly and the specs well exceed what I needed. Plus they were less costly than a standard rubber sweep elbow that aren't rated for any pressure application.
Sean Walsh
London, UK
I bought this set for my ‘9 civic as I wanted molded hoses to serve as a guide to which hose went where. I had taken all my old leaky hoses off a while ago and couldn’t remember how they were routed. All hoses were a great fit, maybe slightly longer than needed, so it was a tight squeeze in one or two areas - but I didn’t have to trim anything.Now my car is full of power and the engine sound is so beautiful.
Astrid Sorensen
Oslo, Norway